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by Toma Doe

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released June 23, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Alec Schumann at Father Horse Mother Owl Studios, Cleveland, OH.

Album artwork by Bianca Breed (, IG: @basedbianca)



all rights reserved


Toma Doe Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Don't Decahedron
jewel in the sky
silently fleeting
enticingly sweet
and it's drifting

let it ease into the ground
Track Name: Hands Like Pillows
Out of body
Out of hive mind

Your warm hands like pillows (x4)
How is it when we meet eyes
We dent space and time?

The heart, the heart's filling up
Like a water balloon, welling up
Gonna gonna spill it out
Gonna gonna
Gonna gonna spill it out
Gonna gonna spill
Track Name: Water
water is falling all over my eyes
and my lies and my heavy head
stronger than ever, no cover, move over
all i feel is summer come on
all i feel is summer get dimmer
yea come here, i'm holding my raw silhouette

vedukanu karuna nedu oka kuluku thodukoni ra
Track Name: Objects of Desire
objects of desire passing through my sight
see what's underneath that, all will be consumed

drown drowning into concentric circles
through your lucid mind

boot on my neck, gonna gnaw it away
got a good clear shot at your achilles heel

objects of desire passing through my sight
see what's underneath that, all will be consumed
in the red mouth that bites
flesh and flesh to dust
all objectified, who here can i trust?
Track Name: Bedrock
bedrock in the clouds
slow and steady it erodes

finding new home on the nape of your neck
settled dust on your neck
as it stands up rise up
into the air and
into the vacuum
Track Name: Bend It Into Love
roll with the punches
yea, this bag was meant for punching

rip goes its shell at the seams
out come all its marbles

little too easy, easy easy
feels so easy, easy easy
easier, easier
easier to hate bend it into love (x 3)
easier, easier to hate itself than it is to love itself